Physical, Occupational, and Hand Therapy Services
The same comprehensive rehabilitation services that you would receive in an out-patient setting are performed directly at the worksite. Treatment can include all physical agent modalities, conditioning, and exercise programs.

Post Offer Employment Testing
Legally compliant, job specific testing to identify and eliminate potential causes of injury. Post-offer testing curbs your injury rate and lowers expenses by insuring that the people who work for you have the lowest potential for injury or illness.

Job Site Analysis
On-Site observation of the physical demands needed to perform the job with a written report. Report may include suggestions for decreasing future possible injuries.

Functional Capacity Evaluations
Evaluation, Assessment, and Validity testing of an injured worker with recommendations on the worker's physical work demand capabilities and ability to assume non-material handling postures. Classify whether a worker can perform Sedentary, Light, Medium, or Heavy job duties. Determine a worker's ability to perform jobs on an occasional, frequent, and/or constant basis.

Work Transitioning
Progressively returning an injured worker to their regular duty job description.

Wellness Programs
Educational classes are available to all group sizes. Topics to include back care education, proper body mechanics, human factor training, safe lifting techniques and prevention of cumulative trauma/repetitive stress syndromes.

Consultations/Expert Opinions
Since 1990 our staff has been performing Functional Capacity Evaluations, reviewing medical records, and helping prepare attorneys, corporations, and health care professionals for depositions and litigation.

If your client/injured worker has already received physical and or occupational therapy and has completed a Functional Capacity Evaluation, we would appreciate the opportunity to review the entire medical chart including billing and provide you with our consult and expert opinion.

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