Our results with Worksite Therapists have been excellent. We utilize their services for new hires with a "Back School" in which a physical or occupational therapist demonstrates proper stretching and lifting techniques. Also we have experienced a reduction of lost time claims as the physical therapy is conducted on site here at our facility. As such employees are not leaving work for a few hours or half a day and collecting a partial disability for a wage loss. Our company has achieved savings with Indemnity and Medical benefits as a direct result of the service we are receiving from Joe O'Malley and his staff at Worksite Therapists, Inc.
Corporate Risk Manager
US Operations


I remember the first time Mr. O’Malley came to our plant to tell us about the services offered by Worksite Therapists. I was a bit skeptical with all of the things he told us that he could do for us at the plant. I work in a very rural area and we don’t have a lot of options to choose from in regards to our therapy program. We decided to give Worksite Therapist a chance to work with our employees. The therapy is provided right at our plant which makes it easy on the employees to attend the sessions and also does not provide a hardship to the company by employees being gone for hours to travel back and forth to therapy sessions. We have a lot of cumulative trauma disorders (CTD) associated with the work we do. In the past, we would refer the employee to the surgeon once a diagnosis of a CTD was given. Now, we just call Joe and have the employees start with therapy first. Our surgery rate has greatly decreased since Worksite Therapists have become part of our family. Yes, they are like family. The employees enjoy the time spent with the therapist. The interaction is friendly and courteous. They trust Joe and his opinions concerning their health issues. The nursing staff has also formed a strong bond with him. We value the work that he does. Did Worksite Therapists deliver on all of the things that they said they could…. Absolutely!
Workman’s Comp. Case Manager

Joe O’Malley and the team at Worksite Therapists, Inc. have provided quality care to our employees for many years. Successful outcomes have been achieved through their commitment to building a positive rapport with our employees, their accommodation of employees’ schedules, and their facilitation of the rehabilitation process within the work environment.
Human Resources Manager

We have been working with Worksite Therapists for many years and are very pleased with the services they provide!  The convenience of having therapy for injured employees on site is wonderful!   Our managers are pleased that employees don’t have to waste time traveling to appointments and the employees appreciate the one-on-one attention and professionalism they receive!  Their knowledgeable staff keeps us informed on the employee’s progress and they offer convenient scheduling to fit our business needs!  Overall, it has been a great experience working with Worksite Therapists!
Benefits Specialist

Our company has been using Worksite Therapists for years and our company and employees have greatly benefited from there on site services. Employees enjoy the professionalism of the therapists, personalized treatment and not having to drive off site to sit in a waiting room. Whenever an employee may have a problem with their modified duty the therapist is on site and could review the tasks to ensure they are not aggravating the condition.
Safety Director

Worksite Therapists, Inc. has been a tremendous help to our company. Your staff is the very best.  Our employee’s never miss an appointment and don’t have to travel to receive competent care.  The easy scheduling is a big help to the human resource department. I would recommend your services to everyone.
Human Resource Manager

Whether we need physical or occupational therapy, body mechanics training, or support to promote good health.....Worksite Therapists is always there for us...and all of our employees have been extremely satisfied with their services.
Human Resources

I would recommend WORKSITE THERAPY to any company that is looking for good service and costs savings.We’ve used the Therapists from WorkSite for the past few years. It’s been GREAT !! They come to US. The worker gets the therapy he needs, doesn’t use up expensive gas and we don’t have to pay out wages for travel and time wasted going to another site. The therapists keep us updated on workers progress with a quick word before they leave the site.
Human Resources


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